Enchanting Pear-Shaped Emerald and Diamond Ring in 18k Yellow Gold

И снова изумруды… На этот раз, шикарное золотое кольцо с изумрудом в стиле Арт-Нуво. Описание выполнено американским копирайтером-геммологом.

Кольцо с изумрудом в стиле Арт-Нуво

Кольцо с изумрудом в стиле Арт-Нуво

Emeralds have been used in jewellery as far back as 330 BC, and even Cleopatra herself treasured the alluring jewels and showcased them on her lavish adornments. This is a ring truly fit for an Egyptian queen. The central teardrop cut emerald radiates with a striking, electric mint green. It is substantial in size by weighing in at 1.37ct, and its unique faceting creates a dramatic shimmer effect while worn.  It is surrounded by 56 variously sized glittering white diamonds that sweep around the stone and grace the shank as well. Their total carat weight is just shy of a full carat at 0.97ct.


This emerald ring is reminiscent of Art Nouveau period pieces that graced the hands of royalty and the very rich. Its ornate styling in a warm 18k yellow gold features slight curves and edges that give the piece a floral appearance. The emerald ring is at once feminine yet substantial in its aesthetic, and the wider shank gradually becomes thinner toward the base of the band. The ring’s fine polish has a mirror-like sheen and accentuates the overall colour and beauty of the entire piece. This is an ideal choice for an anniversary gift, wedding present, or even for a very special birthday.


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