Alluring London Blue Topaz, Tanzanite, and Moonstone Earrings in Warm Rose Vermeil

Копирайтинг на английском: удивительно красивые серьги с лунным камнем, лондонским голубым топазом и танзанитом. Текст написан копирайтером-нейтивом. специализирующимся в области геммологии и ювелирных изделий.

Серьги с танзанитом, лунным камнем и голубым топазом

Серьги с танзанитом, лунным камнем и голубым топазом

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These earrings are truly breathtaking. Featuring both London blue topaz and lilac purple tanzanite, and milky white moonstone, they are sure to create a dramatic impact. London blue topaz has a deep blue colour that is comparable to a storm-tossed sea. Tanzanite is a relatively modern gemstone. It is known for its remarkable trichroism, which means it alternates between three colours in flashes of cerulean blue, electric purple, and a rich burgundy. But the translucent moonstone gems take centre stage, drawing in the eye and trapping the viewer with their beauty and power.


Each earring is set with eleven substantial oval blue topaz stones and one prominent round-cut stone at the top of the piece. A series of variously sized tanzanite stones sweep around the sumptuous moonstone and glitter in clusters at the top of earring. Warm rose vermeil was used to craft the earrings, giving them a distinct richness and soft aesthetic.  The distinct chandelier shape of the earrings resonates with the parties of the American Roaring Twenties where gold, glitz, gems, and opulence were paramount. These earrings would be an outstanding gift for an anniversary, wedding, or for a very special birthday.

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