Striking Mint Green Emerald and Diamond Earrings in 18k White Gold

В предыдущем посте мы привели пример описания серебряного кольца с сапфиром. Сегодняшние серьги с изумрудами также были описаны копирайтером-американкой, которая специализируется на геммологии.

Emerald earrings

Emerald earrings

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The finest emeralds in the world showcase a distinct, electric mint green colour that is both mesmerizing and beautiful.  Even Cleopatra could not resist their enchanting aura as they were her most favoured jewels. These emerald earrings display that same hue. Unlike tiny emeralds where the brilliant colour is lost and dull, these substantial earrings feature two stones that weigh in at just under two carats at 1.99cts. If that was not enough, each earring is surrounded by twelve radiating white diamonds, thus giving all 24 diamonds a collective carat weight of 0.22. Both the emeralds and the diamonds radiate in both natural and fabricated light, and look especially lovely in candlelight settings.


Each earring is crafted in a gleaming 18k white gold, which is substantially more hypoallergenic than lesser gold varieties or other precious metals. The gold is polished to a brilliant white sheen that complements the alluring hue of the emeralds. Each earring is held securely in place by a comfortable, easy to attach post back. These emerald earrings would make a perfect wedding present, anniversary gift, or one truly tremendous gift for one’s birthday.

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