Luxurious Royal Purple Amethyst Ring in Rich Rose Vermeil

Копирайтинг на английском языке ювелирной тематики. Описание шикарного кольца с крупными аметистами в стиле АртДеко выполнено нейтивом-американкой. 

Кольцо с аметистом в стиле Арт Деко

Кольцо с аметистом в стиле Арт Деко

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This is the perfect ring for the inner queen or princess. Resonant of the grandeur of Art Deco pieces where glitz, gold, and opulence were at their prime, this amethyst ring is seeping with luxury. The gorgeous amethyst stones shimmer and reflect light with even the slightest movement of the wearer’s finger. Curved rows of pave-set white zircon stones cascade from the tip to the bottom of this piece in subtle fleur-de-lis designs, thus giving it a floral aesthetic. The elongated, marquise style of the ring helps to emphasize the length of one’s finger and has a striking appearance while worn. Two pear shaped amethyst stones help provide the ring’s distinct pointed appearance.


The rich, warm rose vermeil is a combination of sterling silver and a thick coating of rose gold. This gives the ring its lustrous appearance as well as its glossy finish. The band is studded with more twinkling zircon stones and provides a very comfortable fit. This is the kind of ring one wears to make a dramatic entrance at a cocktail party or event, and it shines wonderfully in low-light or candlelit settings. It would also make a fantastic anniversary or birthday present for a loved one, or maybe a special present for yourself!

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