Sumptuous Madagascan Blue Sapphire and White Topaz Sterling Silver Ring

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Madagascan blue sapphire ring

Madagascan blue sapphire ring

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Off the southeast coast of Africa rests Madagascar, the home to some of the world’s most striking blue sapphires. This gorgeous ring features a sizeable 4.55 carat Madagascan blue sapphire stone. Its distinct oval shape and careful faceting showcases a depth of alluring ultramarine colour with minimal saturation. Sapphires are naturally one of the hardest gemstones on the planet with a Moh’s index of 9, making them second only to diamonds or rubies as the quintessential choice for an engagement or wedding ring.


The sapphire is held firmly in place by four sturdy prongs and flanked by six glittering white topaz stones on either side of the shank. Their total weight amounts to 2.88 carats or 0.24ct each. The ring’s glossy finish is due to the fine sterling silver that blends beautifully with the luscious colour of the sapphire. The head of the shank holding the sapphire in place features lovely cutouts that allow light to travel up and through the centre stone, illuminating it with every slight movement of the wearer’s finger. The proportion of the band’s width to the centre stone is balanced and substantial. This is an ideal choice for an engagement, or even as a cocktail ring designed to be worn on the alternate hand.

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