5 Things to Know if It’s Lust or a Long Term Relationship

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These days, people are getting into relationships for different reasons. Anyone who has been in a relationship will agree it’s an exciting feeling especially in the first days when you’re still getting to know each other. However, beyond the excitement and anxiety that comes with a new relationship, one question that always lingers in the mind is “how long will this last?” There are many things that keep a relationship going; obviously not sexual chemistry alone even though it’s still certainly an important part of any relationship. It is good to note that sometimes a lot of people fail to differentiate between love and lust especially if a relationship is viewed from a skewed perception.

Believe it or not, it is possible to find a partner who’s completely compatible in all spheres; physical, emotion and mental all combined in one. However, people look for different things in a relationship. While there are those who are genuinely interested in meeting a lifelong partner, some are in relationships purely for fun and sexual flings. So, how do you ensure you find a partner who’s keen on having you in their life in the long run and not just keen to take you to bed within the shortest time possible? It all begins with learning how to quickly discern individuals who possess qualities you think aren’t part of what you are looking for. Many people end up disappointed when they fail to realize the telltale signs of lust.

However, the good news is these 5 tips will enable you to determine if the guy you’ve met is serious about building a steady relationship or not.

5 Ways to know if Your Guy is Interested in a Long-term Relationship

To what extend do you know him?

Unfortunately, some people when asked this question have no precise answer yet it is a key factor of knowing whether the man you met is genuinely interested in you. In a good relationship, you should gradually know more details about your man such as his interests and hobbies, family, friends, childhood as well as past relationships. This important when you are in a new relationship as having this knowledge enables you to know a guy’s background and personality. If a man doesn’t let you know his life beyond the basics, beware.

What topics do you discuss?

Pay special attention to what you discuss with your man when you meet on dates. If the conversation hasn’t touched on your interests and personal lives, it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. What do you do when you meet in a private place?  Is romance the first thing that comes on your and his mind? Conversions with a lot of sex talk indicate lust is taking a greater lead. It is easy to tell when a man is interested in discussing a certain topic or is busy eyeing your body curves.

What thoughts of him do you have when you’re not together?

It is perfectly normal to let your mind wander and think about sexual fantasies regarding your man. If you constantly see him only from a sex point of view, it is highly suggestive the urge of lust has surpassed that of pure and genuine love. Always lusting and looking forward to the next time you’ll see him naked and jump into bed with him says a lot about your relationship. Likewise, if your man also has the same thoughts, it only confirms your relationship is based on lust.

Do you share the same goals and visions?

If you hope to have a long term relationship then it’s important to know whether both you and your partner share the same goals, visions and plans for the future. If you can accommodate each other’s plans and share a common vision, chances are high you’re going to have a steady long term relationship. Don’t fear to pop these questions at him because it’s the only way you’ll get to know if he’s the one for you.

How does he react?

It’s important to examine your partner’s body language and reaction whenever you discuss crucial relationship issues such as marriage, having children and making plans together for the future. A guy who’s interested in having you around for long will seem disinterested in such topics but will be quick to flirt, engage you in sex talk or ask you to go to bed with him. Does he always make excuses whenever you try to suggest plans or activities that don’t involve sex? The answers to these questions will allay any fears you may have.


If you’re not sure what kind of relationship you have with your man, the above five key tips will play a key role in helping you understand your relationship and what intentions the guy you are dating has towards you.



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