Статья на тему туризма и путешествий, которая также написана в сотрудничестве с нейтивом, работающим в сфере гостиничного бизнеса уже несколько лет.


A city that never sleeps… The newest attraction of southeast Asia, where the east meets west and old coexists and complements the new. Getting more popular as Asia’s Las Vegas, Macau can now be considered as one of the hottest tourist destinations not only in southeast Asia, but all over the world. Macau is not only all about Casinos; it is a place, where old traditions are still kept; a fusion of cultures’ mix is making this rich Chinese region more attractive for tourists.

Casinos of Macau

Almost all of the most popular hotel brand names universally are entered the once monopolized region of China. The 1962 is marked as an official start of Macau’s gambling industry that has continuously been operated by government. They issued the monopoly license to the casino magnate Stanley Ho, which lasted until around 2002. That was about the time, when well known Las Vegas casinos have entered the market, which led to continuous development of the entire Macau region. Sands Macau was the first of the non-local casinos to open, which was followed by Wynn Casinos and Resorts and The Venetian Hotel and Casino. The rest was history as Galaxy Entertainment Group, Melco Crown and MGM Mirage together with Stanley Ho’s daughter Pansy Ho tried to keep in the market and started building equally beautiful hotels and casinos.

Development for the further growth

Macau SAR is comprised of three main islands: Macau, Taipa and Coloane. Each of them has a different vibe, because of its surroundings. Macau island is the main island, which is connected to the China peninsula, while Taipa is at the middle and Coloane is the farthest from the “principal district”. Due to the limited land area of Macau, further development has been a hindrance, because Taipa and Coloane are mostly composed of hills and rugged terrains. Cotai, a portmanteau of Coloane and Taipa, came to the scene. Cotai is a vast body of water that has been reclaimed and converted to land that would embody and in a way become a representation of the famous Las Vegas strip. The project was funded by Las Vegas Sands, but will be constituted of several hotel and casino companies, such as Wynn, Melco-PBL, MGM and Chinese owned companies – Galaxy Entertainment Group and Shun Tak Holding that will be partnered with Jumeirah Group of Dubai.

Leisure and Pleasure

Coined as Asia’s sin city due to Macau’s popularity in gambling, people are free to gamble whatever money they have without the fear of being judged, mugged or kidnapped by gangsters. Gambling is one of the main reasons, why most people come here. However, hotels and casinos are in constant battle to offer something different – so they think out of the box and offer people something more. Most of the hotels that are being built within the Cotai area will include a theme park and resort. The newest addition to the Cotai Strip that opened in May of 2011 was Galaxy Macau. The property has a vast gaming area, but boasts of its family-friendly facilities such as food court, souvenir shops, restaurants and a huge wave pool and white sand that will take its guests into a paradise like no other.

Shoppers’ Paradise

Apart from gambling, there are lots of things that can be done in Macau. Most of the hotels have expensive brands catering to visitors and gamblers alike. High-end fashion brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Armani, Prada, Chanel and the like thrive in a region, where money is not an issue. Purchasing exorbitantly priced watches and jewellery seems to be an ordinary thing for those people, who might not have been that lucky in gambling. Gadgets also seem like basic commodity for those, who come in and out of Macau. One of the most popular brands that sell out heavily are Apple Products such as MacBooks, Ipads, Ipods and Iphones.

Safety and Security

Macau is generally safe for all ages. Though the casinos implement strict compliance with regards to minors entering casino premises, young adults and kids have various activities to keep them busy. CCTV cameras can be seen in almost every corner of establishments and public roads, and every square foot of casino ceilings are all filled up with cameras that will make sure nothing goes wrong. Even at wee hours in the morning Macau is still bustling with people, going in and out of casinos and employees getting busy with their jobs. Police authorities are visible everywhere and countless numbers of police cars’ patrol the area, making sure that peace is kept and minor problems are being taken care of immediately.

Macau may not be known like its Las Vegas counterpart, but in due time it will take its place in the league of its own. Truly, Macau has come a long way from being an equally beautiful place to a more industrialized and developed region of China. At par with other dragon cities in southeast Asia and soon one of the best in the world.

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