Tips on Designing a Small Space

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Designing and decorating a small space can be a challenge for someone who is not trained in interior design or do not have a knack for organizing small spaces. We often feel frustrated because what we really want to incorporate in our space won’t fit, or won’t fit exactly how we want them to. We really do not have to be a professional or a designer in order to create a fantastic space even if it is small. We just need to incorporate certain concepts and ensure that everything is uniformed. Here are a few ideas to consider when you are decorating a small space.

Continuous color

The color of a room can play an important role in how the size of it appears. Dark colors makes a large space appears small and intimate but if the room is already small, this is not the effect that you would want. Choose colors that are light, as this will ensure that more light is reflected throughout the room. Having one continuous color throughout a room can make it look larger. This is because the room does not become the focus but sometimes the larger outdoor areas that can be viewed through the windows are more eye-catching. Keeping the walls free from too much artwork can also make it feel les cramped.

Choose Furniture Wisely

Choosing furniture for a small space does not mean opting for what appears to be the smallest. Having a nice centre piece is always wise. Be careful not to choose furniture that is too “different”. Having a variety in a small room can have your eyes focusing on too many things at once and can make the room look disorganized and cluttered.

De Clutter

One of the most annoying things about a small room is the clutter that is normally created. Clear the clutter and voila! the room looks almost twice the normal size. De cluttering might not be easy as you might be complaining about not having anywhere to store away your items. Try using shelves or a shelving unit where everything that is usually lying around can be stored away nicely.


Using mirrors is always one of the best ways to create the look of a much larger space. Mirrors helps to have more light reflected in a room and will make it appear more open and airy. A small room that seems dark and cramped will seem smaller than it actually is.

Eye Catching Pieces

The misconception that so many of us have is that if we have a large room we cannot have large furniture as part of the decor. This is not entirely true. Whilst it would be ridiculous to fill a large room with odious furniture, having a statement piece might be a great concept to incorporate in your design. A large sofa or a four poster bed designed to create interest can sometimes lead us to think the room is bigger than it actually is.

Multipurpose Furniture and Creative Storage

Instead of having a number of furniture in your room, think about how one might play more than a single role so that you can better organize your design. You might want to ensure that you have a table that can double as a breakfast table and as a dining room table or other furniture that has multiple purposes. Storage is also important to a small room. You do not want to overdo it however and fill the room with storage cabinets. Get creative by having storage spaces that are inconspicuous and discreet. For example you can opt for a bed that comes with storage drawers so that you have a storage area that is out of the way.

Look for Opportunities

Sometimes we think we have a small space but it is much larger than w are thinking. Utilize the area around you and ensure that everything is adequately coordinated. Look for storage space under your staircase for example. That area is normally out of use but a space that has high potential nonetheless.

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