Natalya Nadolska’s Content Studio Refund Policy

October, 22, 2013

Natalya Nadolska’s Content Studio provides the text content for websites and blogs in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, Spanish and other languages (copywriting, rewritins, translations, sales writing, etc). Moreover, we provide our customers with SEO and SMM services.

All the services are provided with prepayment.

If the customer’s order is performed, setup fees are not refundable, because our studio accomplished work, made efforts, spent our time and other resources.

Moreover, the text content is written especially for the certain website, and we cannot resell it. For SEO and SMM services, all the work is done on the outside websites, and we cannot cancel these links or articles submitting.

However, our studio  is very particular about any feedback from the purchasers of our services. If you send us a message informing about an error or an inexactitude in your order accomplishing, we can correct all the mistakes done by us without any fee, for free.


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