Копирайтинг на английском: Who Qualifies for Minority-Owned Business?

Пример копирайтинга на английском для блога компании, которая помогает крупным компаниям находить подрядчиков из представителей малого, среднего бизнеса при помощи  SaaS платформы.

At [brand-name], we offer diverse business development solutions to different types of companies. Any small and medium enterprise qualifies as a minority-owned business and can use our SaaS platform.

What do minority-owned business benefits from working with us?

Minority-owned business benefits from our myriad of end to end buyer solution. Our scalable blockchain-enabled platform enables stockholders in an organization as well as industry and supply can collaborate in a way that the delivery of measurable and specific operational outcome is achievable through our secure portal. Now, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what minority business stands to gain from working with us. Here is a concise list:

1. Our (SCRM) Supplier Customer Relationship Management Solution.

Our SCRM solution would help you open a new business, and also help you find new suppliers. As a minority-owned business community, we can help you organize the information of existing suppliers and new ones such that the information would help you build a stronger relationship with them, and in the end, you can grow your business faster.

With [brand-name], your company will be included in the list of minority-owned businesses and you will manage bids as well as inquirers over multiple channels, and at the same time, you wouldn’t lose track. We also allow you the option to give business units, procurement, and supplier diversity teams a single view of the supplier.

We built our SCRM system in an open architecture format. We did it so that it can integrate easily with your organization existing business tools. Tools like billing and accounting, document management, and also marketing would enable information flow in both ways for an accurate 360-degree view of your supplier diversity programs.

You can get the tools from us to win enterprise clients for a starter $19.99 per month. This subscription is valid for one user, and it gives you access to our social profile matching, opportunity management, and platform messaging. To find out more about our business tool, feel free to contact us.

2. Enterprise Clients and Our Minority-Owned Business Directory

Rather than searching the internet and various website for suppliers, why not join our stream of channels and enjoy the benefit of our enterprise clients. We own minority-owned business directory and partner with different companies to curate opportunities in a way that it adds to the uniqueness your company brings into their supply chain.

So, why go through all that stress when you’re just a click away from achieving a breakneck success in your business. Contact us today for more information on how to benefit from our vendor and supplier opportunities.

3. Virtual Lesson Labs

Minority-owned businesses can also benefit from the eLearning solutions we offer. Our educational program is a combination of self-paced and live training courses which covers topics like enterprise sales, human resource management, securing capital, marketing, design, and operations. There are more to business than looking for the right suppliers or vendor opportunities. Like we always say at [brand-name], innovation is never complete at least not without disruptive and brilliant people. So, go to our virtual lesson lab and take a course to develop yourself.


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